Our Services

Coordination of all your finances using advanced tools & strategies
Minimize estate taxes and future taxable growth of real taxable wealth
Minimize income tax liability while coordinating all of your finances for maximum efficiency
Group health, life and disability; 401(k) plans; Qualified pension plans; Non-Qualified deferred compensation plans
Professionally managed diversified portfolio designed specifically for you*
Unbiased experts in life, health, disability and long term care
Properly planned gifts will help maximize values to you and your charitable cause(s)
Advanced tools and strategies to help reach your retirement goals
 *Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

At StoneCrest Wealth Management, we believe financial advice is a process, not a product. Every one of our clients has unique life goals and visions for the future. Our advisors' focus is to understand these individual goals and visions and recommend strategies that will help each client realize personal financial dreams. Our relationship often begins with helping to answer tough questions like these:

Financially, what is keeping you up at night?

What is your strategy to generate your "paycheck" in retirement?

Is your current lifestyle sustainable for the course of your retirement?

How focused are you on leaving a family legacy?

Are your assets positioned for a market correction? Are you protected?

Working from there, our advisors will identify the focus areas that will become part of your overall wealth management plan. These areas may include:

  • Forecasting retirement needs
  • Balancing market risk vs. investment return
  • Determining how much insurance is needed
  • Evaluating education funding strategies
  • Integrating additional investment strategies
  • Minimizing income tax liability
  • Executing a charitable giving strategy
  • Implementing a well-coordinated estate plan
  • Assisting business owners with corporate benefit programs & succession plans

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